94538 Dental Implants

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Losing one or multiple teeth can present a variety of challenges, which affect your day-to-day life. From the ability to eat a varied and nutritious diet, to speaking and smiling with confidence, an incomplete set of teeth can limit your ability to perform simple tasks with ease. At Liberty Dental, our experienced dentist understands these difficulties associated and offers a range of customized treatment solutions to rebuild your smile. We provide the highest quality of custom bridgework, dentures, 94538 dental implants and implant-retained prosthetics, so that our patients can once again enjoy the benefits of a smile that is at once complete, aesthetically pleasing, and functional.

Thanks to modern advances in dentistry, it is now possible to come closer than ever before to replicating the performance, feel and appearance of natural teeth. With 94538 dental implants, a small surgical post is designed to behave in much the same way as the root of a natural tooth. As the top portion of the implants extends upward from the jawbone to just above the gumline, it is used to secure a custom dental crown or fixed permanent prosthesis to restore your smile. Chief among the many benefits offered by dental implants is that they integrate with the surrounding jawbone to provide unparalleled stability for dental prostheses, and do not require the involvement of the adjacent teeth or messy denture adhesives like traditional methods for the replacement of missing teeth.  Dental implants also provide ongoing stimulation to the surrounding bone to help to prevent a natural process of bone shrinkage called “, thereby helping to maintain the full and natural contours of your face.

Unprecedented stability, healthy benefits to the jaw, and the ability to come closest to replicating natural teeth are all qualities that make dental implants well worth considering! To learn more about the possibilities for your smile with 94538 dental implants, plan on scheduling your next consultation with Dr. Archana Gulati here at Liberty Dental today!

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