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Where can I find a Fremont dental office?

At Liberty Dental, their talented dentist provides the full spectrum of oral healthcare services for the members of your entire family. Whether you are in need of preventive, restorative, implant, or cosmetic treatment, you will be in excellent hands with Dr. Archana Gulati. She is dedicated to being current with the latest research, techniques, and technology, and provides state-of-the-art solutions for her patients, keeping you well-informed each step of the way. Whether you are due for your next dental exam, interested in cosmetic treatment, or would like to be evaluated for gum disease, this is the Fremont dental office to visit.

Fremont Dental Office

The latest research all points to the fact that preventive dentistry saves countless patients the need for extensive dental treatments later on. Your dentist would like to help you, and your loved ones avoid the most common dental conditions altogether. According to the American Dental Association, scheduling bi-annual visits to your Fremont dental office, along with a proper at-home oral care regimen, is all it takes to almost entirely prevent the onset of dental decay and gum disease. When you come in for your checkup, your entire mouth will be examined using the most sophisticated diagnostic techniques. From oral cancer screenings to evaluations for periodontal disease, your smile will be thoroughly and gently evaluated by Dr. Gulati. Because maintaining good oral hygiene is key to good oral health, your dentist provides the best tips, tricks, and techniques for keeping your teeth and gums clean. Whether you have crooked teeth, use dental prostheses, or are caring for your young children’s oral health, Dr. Gulati is happy to provide personalized guidance. Pediatric patients are warmly welcomed at her Fremont dental office and will learn the fundamental knowledge and techniques for maintaining excellent oral health throughout their growing years.

When scheduling your next visit to your Fremont dental office, choose Liberty Dental for your general, family, and cosmetic dentistry needs. To make an appointment for a consultation or treatment, please call the office at the number below.


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