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Where can I find a 94538 Family Dentist?

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When it comes to the oral health of you and your family, the experienced team at Liberty Dental is here for you. As your 94538 family dentist, Dr. Archana Gulati is highly talented in addressing the unique oral care needs of patients at any age. From the most sophisticated cosmetic, implant, and prosthetic treatments for your smile, to the essential restorative, preventive, and emergency dental care we each require from time to time, Dr. Gulati welcomes you and your loved ones to come share your smile with her. Dedicated to providing the highest quality dental care, your dentist remains current with the latest dental technology and techniques so that you can benefit from the latest advances in the field.

As a 94538 family dentist, Dr. Gulati emphasizes the prevention of dental conditions and disease first and foremost. With a proper oral care regimen at home, along with twice yearly visits to her office for professional teeth cleanings and clinical oral exams, you’ll be well on your way to eliminating the threat of dental decay and gum disease altogether! Your children will gain the opportunity to develop a foundational understanding of how to maintain great oral hygiene and why it’s so important. Experienced in pediatric dental care, your dentist can coach your kids in the best methods for brushing and flossing, and provide encouraging feedback to help keep them motivated throughout the year. Adults will also receive specialized attention, with clinical oral exams that check for the most common dental conditions experienced by older patients. From screenings for gum disease, to oral cancer, you can depend on Dr. Gulati to keep a close watch over your oral health. Typically, as we get older, the risk for developing gum disease increases. Dr. Gulati will make sure that you’re taking the necessary measures to prevent gum disease from causing serious harm to your oral health.

Together with the help of your 94538 family dentist, you and your loved ones can establish and maintain the best possible oral health. To schedule your next appointment for preventive care, contact the friendly staff at Liberty Dental today!

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